A two-storey renovation for Bulan Bintang Clothing HQ. Aesthetically modern with curve elements and soft touches of oak wood throughout the interior for a more pleasing environment. The feature wall of graffiti added a vibrant touch making the whole vibe a mix of fun & professional ambience & mood.

3000 sqft




RM 400000


Project Story

The spaces inside are divided into two levels. The upper level is workspace/office, while the lower level is dedicated to workshop department where R&D happens. The workspace is interconnected with semi-openings, giving the feeling of an open space plan.
A mixture of corporate, modern & minimalistic concept on the surface, but fun & merry on the inside. The feature wall of graffiti done by a renowned local artist spiced up the whole interior, increasing the motivation and overall vibe of the work environment.

Design Direction

A harmony between corporate, modern, & minimalism. The soft touch of oaks throughout the office gives a bit of scandinavian touch. The relationship between sophisticated modern office with subculture elements such as graffiti wall thrives & provides such a unique & distinctive character to the office.


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