What We Do*

In the future, almost everything must be feasible in such a place: monastic clarity or sophisticated boutique look, wood paneling or house club feeling, white-cube or black-box, playful, schooled, contemplative.



We’re known for being the best at building beautiful bungalow homes. It’s because our strength is in custom design. Our style is inspired by Modern, Contemporary, and Industrial design.

1 - Full Build

What we do best. From concept to completion, we bring your dream home to life. The possibilities of your dream home is anything you want it to be.

2 - Home Design

Get your dream home designed by us. We craft your house plan with a 3D rendering of how your home will look like.

3 - Facelift

Need renovations? Upgrade your home with a Modern, Contemporary, or Industrial design. We also make sure it fits with the overall look of your home.

"“Saya rasa amat berpuas hati dengan Nasty Builders. Kalau kita keluar pegi kerja tu rasa nak balik rumah cepat sebab nak duduk dalam rumah yang selesa macam ni."
En. Nazri, Pemilik ST15
Expert Designers and Master builders, in bringing your dream home to life*

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